Mugging on St. John's Place

While Fort Greene's had most of the headline-grabbing crime news in recent weeks, Park Slope got a taste this past weekend in form of an old-fashioned push-in mugging. Gowanus Lounge reports on an email posted on the Park Slope Parents board:


A neighbor on my block (St Johns between 7th and 8th Aves) has reported a mugging at gunpoint last night (after dark). My neighbor apparently was walking up St Johns from 7th Ave, turned to enter a house, then while fumbling for keys was approached by two men, who then forced the neighbor into the house vestibule. My neighbor was then threatened with a gun and robbed. These details were posted up and down our block this morning. There does seem to be an increase in this kind of crime lately in our neighborhood.

The number one thing one can do to minimize the chances of this type of thing happening are to avoid listening to your iPod or talking on your cellphone on the street. On top of that, we're always shocked at the number of houses that fail to adequately light their stoop areas. There should be a law...

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