Marty Weighs In On City's Coney Plan


In a press release yesterday, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz released his testimony on the City's plan for Coney Island. Here's an excerpt:

I am pleased to approve the City’s plan, along with what I view as some “improvements.” My recommendations can be summed up this way: Number one, add more amusements. Number two, guarantee that famous Coney Island glitz and “bling” by creating a design committee to ensure awe-inspiring architecture. And finally, make sure that anything we build we “build with Coney, by Coney and for Coney”—that is, we must ensure that the local community gets the jobs, affordable housing, rewards and resources that come along with revitalization. The local community deserves nothing less!

Let me start with my call for more amusements. As you know, it has always been my goal to ensure Coney Island remains an amusement park. That is to say, it should not be a place for quote-unquote “big-box” retail. As you know, I have not agreed with the community board in allowing greater square footage for retail. Clubs—yes! Restaurants—yes! Bowling alleys—sure! Hotels—of course! Hotels are part of the Coney tradition (there was once a hotel shaped like an elephant!) but Coney Island must not become a mall. It must be an amusement park—a vibrant part of this City’s tourist economy.

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