Inside Third & Bond: Week 70


This week, the Third & Bond bloggers walk us through how they coordinate with a utility—in this case Verizon—throughout the construction process.

Have you seen Verizon Wireless’s latest ad campaign? It’s a series of horror parodies that end with the Verizon guy giving the almost-victims a thumbs up. Nope, no dead zone here scary axe man or creepy motel guy. We’ve got Verizon! Meanwhile Verizon’s FiOS gets a more understated approach: two techs, one from Verizon and one from “the other cable company” run into each other in an apartment building. Though the Verizon tech tries to be modest, it’s clear he’s offering the superior service and the other guy resents him. Despite the differences in style, what message about Verizon can we take from both? There are people, real humans, who make sure Verizon works. They are polite, dedicated, and there when we need them.

Just like these ads, our Verizon contacts were at Third + Bond when we needed them. They were polite, dedicated, and they scared away a big, scary beast. Or was that the electrician? As developers of a new building, we set up all of the utilities including Verizon, TimeWarner, ConEd, and National Grid. By coordinating with the individual companies during design and construction, we ensure the building will have the proper wiring for all the services that inhabitants might want. The process is similar for each of these so we’ll just take Verizon as the example.

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