Fifth Avenue Bike Lane Debate, Continued


The news earlier this week that the Fifth Avenue BID in Park Slope wants to do away with the Class 2 bike lane, blaming an uptick in the number of tickets delivery trucks were getting on it, Streets Blog sent a correspondent out to talk to a bunch of merchants on the commercial stretch and couldn't find much support for the BID's angle. "I haven't heard a word or noticed anything," said Emily Isaac, owner of Trois Pommes Patisserie, which receives about ten deliveries per week. "As far as the delivery guys, no one's complained to me that because of the bike riders they're getting tickets," said the owner of 'Snice at the corner of 3rd Street. There was consensus on one matter though: There need to be more designated delivery zones. The space in front of The Associated, for example, is not long enough to accommodate the big rigs that come to deliver milk several times a week; as a result, the trucks end up sticking out into the bus stop and getting hit with a ticket.

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