Development Watch: 202 Myrtle Marches On


Lord knows when the other three buildings will be built, but construction on the first of four buildings John Catsimatidis is scheduled to build on Myrtle Avenue between Ashland and Flatbush appears to be proceeding without interruption. The bigger question for those in the area, and one we don't believe has an answer yet, is whether a grocery store has been identified for ground floor of the nine-story building. Trade mag New York Construction recently ran a new rendering of the Phase 1 building, along with more details about its financing and scope: The first phase—85,000 square feet of market rate apartments and 22,000 square feet of retail—will cost $26 million and be financed personally by Catsimatidis and market rate bank financing. Target completion date: July 2009 (sounds optimistic!).
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