DDDB Walkathon Raises $45,000

This weekend saw 175 walkers earning bucks from 500 donors for every step they took at the 4th Annual Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Walkathon. DDDB sent us this roundup, along with a slideshow from the stroll:

We had our 4th successful walkathon and we deeply appreciate the active participation of our supporters and their sponsors. Even though we're in the midst of a very difficult economy, and a presidential campaign competing for funds, our donor base continues to grow. So, we are proud of the money raised at Saturday's event. Fundraising for the two lawsuits is an ongoing, daily effort, and the response consistently reminds us of the support we have, which is now well over 4,000 individual donors," said Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn spokesman Daniel Goldstein. "As long as the community continues to support our work and the lawsuits, as they have done for nearly five years now, we will continue to fight the Atlantic Yards project. We must keep the pressure on Forest City Ratner as its development plan continues to struggle against widespread doubt and opposition, and contends with the challenging economic crisis and credit crunch. We fully expect to be here next year for our 5th annual Walkathon, if we haven't sent the developer packing by then.

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