Closing Bell: Where Does Park Slope End?


That's the subject of an online discussion over at Brooklynian, where one inquirer asked just where the heck Center Slope is, as opposed to North Slope and South. One possibility: "Named streets are North Slope; Center Slope is 1st St to 9th St; South Slope is 9th St to 16th St; South of the prospect expressway is wish-it-was-Park Slope." There are some offerings of Slopes East and West, too. They offer up NY Mag's boundaries (Stretching from Prospect Park West to 4th Avenue, Park Place to Prospect Expressway) and's (Bounded by 4th Avenue, Flatbush Avenue and Prospect Park West), as well as this assessment: "It means whatever the Real Estate Agent thinks that it means on any given day." On Curbed, too.
Photo by five2510thstreet.

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