CB7 Votes in Favor of Sunset Park Rezoning Plan


Today we have another Community Board report from a reader...
The full CB7 Board vote went as planned last night, despite a large crowd of protesters outside of CB7 with whistles and banners, led by the founders of SPAN (Sunset Park Alliance of Neighbors). The organizers' goal appeared to be to spread misinformation about the rezoning: that it would not curb development and that it would bring more condos, higher rents and greater displacement. In the end, many from the mixed crowd of Chinese and Latino residents had to be escorted from the meeting after the vote.

The disruptions did nothing to stop the CB7 Board from overwhelmingly approving the ULURP with the provisions of lowering the rezoning of 4th Ave from R7A with an affordable housing incentive (8 stories) to R6A to ensure the views from Sunset Park (from the park) to the harbor and help preserve many affordable housing units in place and lower income rent. R6A would have far less incentive for developers to demo existing stock and build new condo projects. There was also the addition of the recommendation by CB7 to include the rezoning as an anti-harassment special district, putting further assurances in place that owners/developers cannot illegally evict tenants in the name of creating newer housing stock.
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