Carroll Gardens: Old School Amid the Changes


Carroll Gardens gets the "Living In" treatment this weekend from The TImes. Among other things, we learn that old Italian men still play dominoes inside a social club, people tend to say hi to each other on the street and that Luquer Street is pronounced “lu-KWEER.” “Carroll Gardens is very much still a Sesame Street kind of community,” said Maria Pagano, president of the neighborhood association.“That means people get out there and do things; they’re involved,” she said. That involvement includes protesting buildings that are out of context—after resisting landmarking efforts for years. What else? At the peak of the market, condo prices topped $1,000 a foot, though there's now been a "leveling" off to the $800 range, according to Corcoran broker Lindsay Barton Barrett. And the best houses? You'll find those on First Place, says another, though the big 25-footers turn over infrequently.
Living In: Carroll Gardens [NY Times]
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