Brooklyn Sales: Under a Million


Some of the sales recorded last week that went for $1 million or less:

$250K or under: PARK SLOPE
133 8th Avenue, Unit 1A; Price=$205,000 GMAP
This studio's listing said it's about 300 square feet, has a "very low maintenance," and lots of closet space. Closed on 5/26/09; deed recorded on 6/9/09.

$250-$500K Range: DITMAS PARK
385 Stratford Road; Price=$380,250 GMAP
A 1,688-square-foot, 1-family house, according to Property Shark. Entered into contract on 4/9/09; closed on 6/2/09; deed recorded on 6/9/09.

$500-$750K Range: BUSHWICK
74 Pilling Street; Price=$605,000 GMAP
This 3,300-square-foot, 2-family house last sold for $600,000 in 2006, according to Property Shark. A foreclosure auction was scheduled for it last year, which likely explains the closing date. Entered into contract on 5/15/08; closed on 6/20/08; deed recorded on 6/12/09.

$750K-$1 Million Range: SOUTH SLOPE
515 5th Avenue, Unit 7D; Price=$752,000 GMAP
This 1,110-sf, 3-bedroom in the 5 One 5 condo was first listed for $995,000 last April, according to Street Easy. Entered into contract on 3/4/09; closed on 4/14/09; deed recorded on 6/8/09.

Photos from Property Shark

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