Brooklyn Modern #1: Craft Modern in Fort Greene

A special treat to go along with your turkey and cranberry this week. We've invited Diana Lind, editor of The Next American City and author of Brooklyn Modern to share some photos and thoughts from the book. For those of you who haven't seen it, or read the accompanying essay by one Mr. B, Brooklyn Modern explores "the connection between Brooklyn’s astounding rebirth and its emerging architecture." For the real estate boom, as we all know, was not just about brownstones, but a pioneering aesthetic style that we've explored even here (remember the Modern Townhouse thread?").

Every day but Turkey Day this week, we'll have a peek at a Brooklyn Modern creation, with a few words by Diana Lind with it. The photography is by Yoko Inoue. Enjoy installment #1.

Lena Corwin is a fairly well-known textile designer and blogger in Brooklyn. She and her husband Josh bought a brownstone in Ft. Greene several years ago and took the lower duplex for themselves while they rented an apartment upstairs. With a little help from Glamour magazine, which paid for a basic make-over, the couple renovated their duplex. They highlighted the apartments original assets — very high ceilings, plank wood floors — and modernized the space with crafty wallpaper, modern art, and brightly colored furniture.

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