Atlantic Avenue Shell Station: Re-Open or Re-Develop?


In November, the DOB issued a permit to the Shell station on Atlantic and Henry for the removal of three 4,000-gallon gasoline storage tanks. The Brooklyn Eagle has a story today saying that the old tanks will be replaced this month and the gas station will reopen. That could be the case, but there's also some new information not in The Eagle story which could suggest otherwise: It turns out that the 7,785-square-foot lot was sold for a cool $2,590,000 just two weeks ago. That comes out to $136 for each of the 18,918 square feet that the new owner is allowed to build on the site; the address on the deed leads back to a company called America's Choice Mortgage Co. in Flushing—a name that sounds a lot more like a company planning to develop the site than operate it as a gas station. No new building plans have been filed yet so anything is possible. And for those keeping score at home, the contract was entered into post-Lehman. GMAP P*Shark

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