Ask the Brooklyn Historian: Mysterious Flatbush Plaque


Ron Schweiger, the Brooklyn Borough Historian, has agreed to answer your Brooklyn history — and mystery — questions here. If you got some, send 'em along.

First up: a plaque on the corner of Rugby and Beverly Roads in Flatbush, that reads "MONUMENT, BROOKLYN BOROUGH PRESIDENT." A reader asks, "Is this what we will remember Marty Markowitz by? Do you know what it is for?"

Ron answers: "The above is used by surveyors. That particular corner (SE corner) has a house that was built in 1899. The entire community was developed at the turn of the century. The MONUMENT is a focal point for surveyors to use if and when there is a major construction development taking place. It is placed at a specific, horizontal distance from another known location for measurement purposes. In Brooklyn Borough Hall, there is a room called the Topography Room. They have maps and documents going way back into the 1800's and perhaps even earlier. They have a record of these MONUMENTS and their locations."

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