A Mini-Mall for Bushwick?


Picking up on earlier posts on Bushwick BK and Racked, The Brooklyn Paper asks the question, Is Bushwick ready for a mini-mall? The mini-mall in question is a 20-unit warren of stores being carved out of the ground floor of a former pillow factory at 1087 Flushing Avenue at Thames Street. The building's owner has been renting out the 24 upstairs lofts for four years, but felt the time had come for retail: “The area still is a gamble,” Israel Hirsch, vice president of developer Bushburg Properties, told The Brooklyn Paper. “But we put a lot of money into the space, as well as a lot of time, effort and aggravation. Hopefully it will be worth it.” Time will tell. So far about a third of the spaces have been rented for around $1,500 a pop.
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Photo by Aaron Short

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