Brooklyn TJ's Mania: Live in Line in the Rain

The moment that a lot of people in Brooklyn have been waiting for, the opening of the Trader Joe's at Atlantic Avenue and Court Street, is happening this morning and Racked is on the scene with live reports. At 8:28AM there was wet dejection: "I'm here. It's kind of tragic. There are maybe ten people in line, all wet." Ah, but by 8:47 AM: "Line has gotten long, or at least longer. Goes to the end of the block." And, inside at 9:22 AM: "It's chaos in here. I'm hiding in the meat section. You now how insane it is at the 14th Street store? Imagine that, plus a steel drum band. Everyone is grocery shopping like crazy now. Staffers are handing out orange chicken along with the gingerbread cookies." Updates as warranted.
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