Brooklyn Producer Ital Announces Tour, Second Album of 2012

ital album

The Brooklyn producer Daniel Martin-McCormick makes music that engages with technology in order to subvert it. He cut his teeth playing in the DC hardcore outfit Black Eyes, but as time wore on he found himself gravitating toward electronic sounds. These days he's a busy man, putting in time as half of the masterful rock-gone-electronic duo Mi Ami, as well as putting out tracks as Sex Worker and Ital. It is his Ital project, a house-minded conflation of beats and swirling synths, that has won him the most acclaim, and it certainly is not without reason. He uses the template of house to create soundscapes, keeping your feet moving as you contemplate the elliptical message he offers. Through its superficial sheen is a message that technology is not to be trusted, a palpable sense of dread infecting his tunes.

Today, Martin-McCormick announced that he'll be releasing Dream On, his second Ital album of the year, due out Nov. 13 on the progressive electronic label Planet Mu. He'll be touring with the inexplicably good Laurel Halo, playing Sept. 21 at the Brooklyn DIY venue 285 Kent. Despite his music's sometimes low-key nature, it'll be nothing less than a total party.

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