Blonde Redhead Present Works in Progress

Kazu Makino, front-woman for long-running dream-rockers Blonde Redhead, will digitally release the Japanese tsunami benefit compilation We Are the Works in Progress on Jan. 10 via her new label Asa Wa Kuru, which roughly translates to Morning Will Come.

Proceeds from the album will initially go to the Japan Society and Architecture for Humanity, and Makino hopes to include more charities soon. Makino called in a number of favors from her arty pals from New York and beyond, and got exclusive tracks from Four Tet, Deerhunter and even composer Terry Riley. We've got the tracklist below.

We Are the Works in Progress 

1. Four Tet "Moma" (exclusive)
2. Karin Andersson "No Face" (exclusive)
3. Terry Riley "G Song" (exclusive reworking of a song from the '70s by Terry himself, including new vocals)
4. Nosaj Thing "Nightcrawler" (exclusive)
5. John Roberts "Berceuse" (exclusive)
6. Blonde Redhead "Penny Sparkle" (Drew Brown remix)" (exclusive remix of album track)
7. Pantha du Prince "Bird on a Wire" (exclusive)
8. Broadcast "In Here the World Begins" (re-release of a tour vinyl-only track)
9. Liars "Drip (Blonde Redhead remix)" (re-release of a tour vinyl-only track)
10. Deerhunter "Curve" (exclusive)
11. Stalactite "Stalagmite" (Susumu Mukai of Zongamin + Drew Brown, exclusive)
12. John Maus "Castles in the Grave" (exclusive)
13. David Sylvian/Ryuichi Sakamoto "Bamboo House" (previously released)
14. Interpol "Song Seven" (previously released b-side)

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