Behold: The Most Expensive Wedding Dress Ever!

Okay, it may be true that it's "the bride's day," but a wedding dress recently unveiled at a wedding expo in Nanjing, China might be taking that idea a little too far.

The epic wedding dress is composed of 2009 (ha!) colorful peacock feathers—along with 60 Hetian jades— and comes with at a whopping 1.5 million dollar price tag. Can't you just see this on an upcoming episode of Bridezillas? "But I just haaaave to haaaaave it!!!"

Let's get serious: What in the world is going on at this bridal fair that it seems appropriate (given this moment in time) to unveil something this outlandish? Is there a solution to the global economic downturn amid those feathers?

Joking aside, we must admit that at least the concept of a million-plus dollar wedding dress makes a lot more sense than Victoria's Secret's infamous five million dollar bra. This one's at least a complete outfit that you can, well, wear in front of people other than your lover (without some awkwardness, that is). Heck, when you think about it that way: it might even be a steal.

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