Bedraggled PETA Members Turn Out for Olsen Signing

We fully expected PETA to do something crazy at the Olsen book signing this afternoon at Barnes & Noble Union Square. It was almost disappointing to walk out, signed copy of Influence under our arm, without witnessing someone screaming at Mary-Kate or tossing a fake carcass at Ashley. PETA, or rather PETA2 (their "youth division"), did show up though—outside the store. When we left at 1:15pm, a group of four protesters were getting rained while wearing "Trollsen Twin" masks, holding signs that read: "Trollsens: Fur Hags From Hell," and "Hairy Kate and Trashley Olsen: Fur Tramps," and handing out flyers with photos of celebrities that have gone fur-free like Pamela Anderson and Charlize Theron. Maybe they didn't feel like shelling out $30 for the book to get closer to the twins.
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