Batali TV; Platt on Sheridan Square

Molto Mario Batali
Photo: Peter Hapak

In the magazine this week, Mario Batali leaves his media quarantine zone to speak to New York's John Heilemann about his new PBS show Spain...On the Road Again. "The central implicit conceit of the program, in a way," Heilemann writes, "is that the idea of Batali and Gwyneth’s touring the Prado with Ferran Adrià isn’t a trumped-up, made-for-TV fiction: It’s a kind of a vérité window into how he really lives." Adam Platt reviews the latest incarnation of Sheridan Square this week and finds it worthy of only one star. Chef Franklin Becker "seems to be still getting the hang of his wood-burning oven," writes Platt, who is especially unimpressed with the location and ambiance. And in this week's openings, Rob and Rob visit Porchetta, an East Village Italian take-out shop. The pork sandwich is a standout. Finally, Rob and Robin ask Suba's Seamus Mullen for his pimientos de Padrón recipe.

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Openings: Porchetta
In Season: Seamus Mullen’s Pimientos de Padrón

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