Back in NYC, Billy Reid Lands on the Bowery

[Photo via Material Interest]

The Times is the latest of many media outlets to cover designer Billy Reid's store, which is opening this week in the Bouwerie Lane Building on Bowery and Bond. In his Thursday Style piece, writer Eric Wilson compares the shop's interior, filled with reclaimed objects, to Reid's career, which has also "been salvaged from a dump." The designer, a CFDA award winner in the 90's, lost his backing and fled the city for Alabama. Only recently did he begin crafting clothes again, and now, he's giving NYC another go. Wilson describes the theme of Reid's Bowery boutique as "threadbare classics, both in the clothes (tweed blazers and wrinkly khaki pants) and in the décor (fusty Victorian dressers and dusty benches made of reclaimed church pews)." One hopes that all this media buzz will help the designer gain popularity among the downtown types he's courting with his new store, given that he's a relative unknown amongst the younger set.
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