American Apparel Insists Style Matters, Not Looks

Ah, American Apparel's ongoing woes: after being slammed amidst rumors of beauty profiling, the T-shirt chain released a statement about their screening process.  Because they have do have one.  American Apparel's creative director released a statement clarifying the LA-based emporium's stance on hiring for style, not good looks, silly.  (Sidebar! Can we talk about the fact the creative director is named Marsha Brady?)

In a somewhat prolix approach, Brady suggests American Apparel tees are really art supplies with which employees express their crucially career-relevant personal style, and that sometimes they don't even hire models, they just make real people wear pieces and photograph them in seedy, motel-room styled billboards throughout the city.  Well, we added some of those details, but you get the basic idea. 

At the end of the day, we find the controversy rather curious. Who knew such "basics" - as Marsha insists comprise the backbone of American Apparel -- could stir up such a ruckus?

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