Art Smith's Forthcoming Fast Food Chain

Chef Art Smith (Table Fifty-Two, Art & Soul) has had a whirlwind year, from working his local charity Common Threads, to palling around with muppets to promote healthy eating habits. In between running two restaurants, we're surprised he has time for anything else, but Chicago Tribune reports that he's already onto the next big project: He's launching a healthy fast food chain called Lyfe Kitchen (Love Your Food Everyday) this summer. The chain will debut in Palo Alto, California, with plans of expanding to at least 250 locations across the country.

While in Florida last fall, The Feast Miami put the philanthropic-healthnut-chef-extraordinaire in the hot seat. Even though he has managed to lose 100 pounds, run a marathon, and land a nothing-but-healthy fast casual chain, Smith can't help his sweet tooth. Wonder how he'll manage with Lyfe's 600-calorie menu. [The Feast]

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