Ambassador Anna?

Even though we're starting to get a little tired of swirling rumors about Anna Wintour—she's leaving Vogue!; she's so not leaving anytime soon—this is one that's kind of too good not to mention: Fashion Week Daily's rumor of the day is apparently that the reigning "first lady of American fashion" (their words, not ours) might be in line for a job in Obama's new administration. The article even goes so far as to suggest she might be in the running for an ambassadorship to England or France.

Now, on the one hand, she'd be hotter than jalapenos at the job, considering she's already quite the international jet-setter (between having grown up in the UK and attending fashion weeks in New York, Milan, Paris, London, blah blah blah), and has social contacts that even the most esteemed hostesses would envy. But then there's that pesky matter of her already having a job (and, apparently, not leaving it anytime soon). Then there's also the even peskier issue of her having denied this very same rumor already. Back in November, when reports surfaced that she might accept "a cultural post" at the White House, a Vogue rep apparently told MSNBC that the reports were completely false.

So, yeah. We're stumped. The rumor-mongering on the Wintour front continues to get more and more "insider-y", and yet again and again proves false. So ... who's the one spilling these? Her publicist? Her hairdresser? There's a mole in Conde Nast, people, and you can bet she's on the hunt by this point.

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