A Quickie With PS I Love You’s Paul Saunier

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If the name PS I Love You sounds familiar, it’s because they were one of my list of 10 Must See Bands at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon that blew through the city in late October and the Kingston, Ontario duo deserve it and every bit of praise they’ve received during their infancy.

Their live show is the perfect complement to their debut LP Meet Me At Muster Station (Paper Bag) that fires out of the gate with a relentless energy akin to a 10 round fight that ends in a split decision. Each track ushers in a new round full of hope that throws a flurry of punches landing knockdowns with standouts like “Breadends” and “Facelove”. By the end of the record you’re beaten, but not beat. As the needle grinds through the final song, part two of the title track, PS I Love You leaves you wanting another chance to get in the ring and throw down with the boys.

We caught up with Paul Saunier (vocals / guitar) a day before the band returns to New York to play shows at The Rock Shop on December 3 and Pianos on December 4. Both shows will feature Tallahassee, FL’s latest export Holiday Shores in support.

What is the one person, place or thing you would hate to miss on a trip to NYC? We love staying with our friends in Williamsburg. They have a wicked apartment and the neighborhood rules. They live really close to amazing pizza.

You've played a number of NYC venues over the last few months. What was your most memorable experience? I really love Glasslands. That place has good vibes for us. We played there once when we were pretty unknown and then again recently at CMJ we played to a packed house. It was a really big deal for us to play to so many new fans. 
It’s 4:00am and last call has come and gone, what’s next? Are there any speakeasies, late night eats or after party spots you frequent? Usually I just grab some pizza and street beers. I’ve never been invited to any cool speakeasies. Please let me know next time you're going somewhere. 
If you called NYC home, what would be your local watering hole? Why? I like drinking at the Rabbit Hole in Greenwich Village. It’s dark, small and has an insanely massive beer menu. They also play all my favourite punk and new wave music all night. 

The courting process is on and a major player is taking you to dinner on the AMEX Black card; where are you eating? What menu item is not to be missed? I would have to do some research into what the nicest vegetarian restaurants are and choose one. I’m afraid I don't know too many excellent places to eat in New York yet because when I’m there I usually live on pizza and cans of beer in paper bags. 
It's the holiday season and you've got some gifts to purchase. Where's your favorite place to shop in the city? I like all the little antique/junk shops in Brooklyn. Also, dudes selling records on the street… like better records than what's available in the lovely record stores in my hometown… on the street for cheap. It’s mind blowing. I think my friends like junk and records. 
Good or bad, have you ever had what you would describe as a quintessential New York moment? I totally saw a cab driver cut off a female pedestrian and then she slammed her hands on the hood as hard as she could and yelled about how she was "walking here!!!" She may have also been a tourist. I don't know, that may be a touristy thing to do. 
NYC has all sorts of tourist attractions Central Park, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty to name a few. What's the most touristy thing you've done here? I went to Times Square and ate some deep fried Oreos. Later I got sick walking through Central Park. 
Finish this sentence: New York City is the sweetest place on earth because… It’s the only place on earth. Therefore it has to be the sweetest, right?

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