A New Season of Mani/Pedis in New York

New York women hold tight - with manicured hands - to the one and only thing they can claim as being cheaper here than the rest of the world: nail care.  Herein, we check out Essie's new fall colors, just because. 

The line spans the spectrum from the tangerine-hued Bright Tights and punchy Pink Parka, to the middle-risk-range mauve Angora Cardi and a continuation of last year's navy crazy in Midnight Cami, and finally, our pick for new nail trend: the greige shades of Chinchilly and Mink Muffs.  Say those last two out loud, it's fun.

And lastly, they're not trendy tips without the season's ambitious new twist, the matte finish.  A trend venture that lasts a week is the best kind, so go for it.

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