9/1: Docs on a Bronx Rooftop

A girl struggles with her childhood memories in “Bronx Princess,” plus a real live game show and more

PERSPECTIVES: Rooftop Films’ first foray into the Bronx involves a night of global sights and sounds. Live music from folks like Afro-rapper Blitz the Ambassador will warm up the crowd, followed by two short documentaries, “Bronx Princess” and “Nora,” about women struggling with their African roots, and Q&A sessions with the directors. Mulally Park, 6PM (music), 9PM (films).

COME ON DOWN: Have you ever wanted to live inside the Price s Right? That’s more or less the point at Dick & Perry’s Variety Game Show, a monthly interactive extravaganza. Audience members plucked at random can win $250 jackpots performing various Bob Barker-esque feats, as hosts at Dick Swizzle and Perry Comb-Over egg them on and the bar pours cockamamie gameshow-themed drink specials. Ah, the 1970s. 8PM.

RICH TAPESTRY: To see a show by Novice Theory – a.k.a. Geo Wyeth and his co-conspirators – is a wonderfully schizophrenic experience: The NYC-based musician has strong ties to cabaret and jazz, but also opera, gypsy folk, you name it. He’s a little bit Judy Garland, a little bit Woodstock, and one of the more engaging musical experimentalists to hit the scene in a while. Catch Novice Theory at DUMBO’s Galapagos with composer Jules Gimbrone’s Aria Orion and multimedia artist Leyna Marika Papach. 7:30PM.

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