10/28: Poetry Brothel, Pumpkin Beer Fest, Fortunetellers

20140618 Cop Car
Courtesy The Poetry Brothel

PER VERSE: The Poetry Brothel--a roving event organized by the The Poetry Society of New York, who create a faux turn-of-the-century house of ill repute centered around recitation of verse--holds its 3rd Annual Masquerade at The Back Room, a.k.a. the Lower East Side Toy Company. Sip cocktails in dim lighting as a literary “whore” (male or female) takes you to a secluded spot and reads you a poem. Guaranteed to put the iambic back into your pentameter. 9PM.

SEASONAL: We suggest you get any gourd-carving out of the way early tonight, because after you’ve quaffed more than a dozen pumpkin beers from local craft brewers at UES pub David Copperfield, you’ll be in no condition to wield a knife. (Unless it’s to slice up some of the complimentary pumpkin pie.) 7PM.

YOU WILL MEET A TALL, DARK STRANGER: 92Y Tribeca’s Meet the Lady series tackles that compelling trope: the Fortuneteller. They promise “a Who's Who of the most outrageous oracles ever committed to celluloid: Which arch-villainess seduces her hunky landscaper at the suggestion of her Tarot deck? Which cooped-up socialite is depending on the stars to light her way to true love? Which Lynchian regular holds the keys to the door between worlds?” Also! A Nancy Reagan impersonator. 8PM.

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