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A 90-Square-Foot Microstudio in Manhattan

It's a closet. It's a pantry. No, wait, it's a Manhattan apartment. It's fairly common for New Yorkers to sacrifice space for big city living, but one Manhattanite has downsized, down to a 90-square-foot studio to be exact. Artist and writer Felice Cohen gives a new meaning to cozy, as she resides in a tiny space in the Upper West Side. Having overcome a bout of claustrophobia when she first moved in three years ago, Felice has discovered simple ways to make her home work for her. A curtain takes the place of a closet door. Tall, as opposed to wide, furniture provides necessary storage space. A plug-in hot pot makes up for the lack of a kitchen. And, a little acrobatics may be needed to use the restroom, but all in all, she's enjoying her home just steps away from Lincoln Center and Central Park.

Felice believes in living within your means, even if it means living in a shoebox-sized space—just remember to watch your head and move slowly.

Watch how she compromises to live in the Big Apple.

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