Of Monsters and Men to Play Secret Show in New York City Tonight

MTV Iggy and Intel have joined forces to bring music lovers The Music Experiment, a musical social media experience presenting four bands, in four cities, for four secret shows. Your ticket into the show? Tweet #MusicExperiment to unlock the secret locations where you can pick up your free tickets. The Music Experiment kicks off tonight in New York City with indie band Of Monsters and Men. 

Secret show? Of Monsters and Men? We knew we had to look into this, stat! Here's what we found out: the secret show is at the Angel Orensanz Center on the Lower East Side... and, there's a Vaudevillian circus theme involved. Yes! It sounds like it's going to be an incredibly unique music experience. Unfortunately, all tickets have been claimed.

But, we'll leave you with this fun little nugget. We had the chance to chat with Nanna (singer / guitarist) before the big show… or, shall we say, circus.

In such a relatively short time, you guys have attracted an incredible fan base and a huge grassroots following. What can your fans who haven't seen you perform live expect from this secret show tonight?
On top of it being a secret show, there's a theme! Everyone will be dressed in 1930s circus. We're really excited to see what fans do with this concept. We've never done anything like this before.
Coming from Iceland, are there certain things you love about New York City that may be very different from home?
New York City is very different from Iceland. The biggest difference is probably that New York City is very loud and Iceland is quiet, but I like how you can run out at any hour of the day or night in New York and always find what you're looking for. 
How did you guys form the band? Was there a specific moment that you knew the dynamic and sound was right with the six of you?
It started out when I was playing alone, and then we started to grow and  it felt right. In the end, it was the six of us.  
Where does the name Of Monsters and Men come from?
That's a tough one! When we were coming up with a name for Músiktilraunir [an annual music competition in Iceland], we had a really short period of time to think. I called Raggi and he came back with this name. It seemed like an interesting name so we went with it.  It has since become a big part of who we are.
If you could perform with any band or musician, who would you want to jam with?
Cee Lo Green!
What is your favorite track to perform live?
At first, I wanted to say "Slow and Steady," but the more I think about it there are so many others! I enjoy performing our entire set, I just love playing! 
Lastly, we always ask musicians and chefs, those who have the late-night lifestyle, what their favorite late-night bites are. What do you guys nosh on after a show? Must-have foods for the road?
We TRY not to eat pizza but we find ourselves doing this quite often. As for must-have, a tray of fresh fruit!  
For the band's full tour schedule, visit their website. To find out where The Music Experiment is headed next, visit MusicExperiment.com.

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