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Stewart Mocks "Sesame Street" Critics

“Why would conservatives feel so strongly that Sesame Street has to go?"



    Stewart Mocks "Sesame Street" Critics
    "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart provided some suggestions to make "Sesame Street" more palatable to Conservatives.

    “Sesame Street” became fodder for late-night comedy again, with Jon Stewart taking a swipe on Monday's "Daily Show" at Republican critics of the children’s show. Stewart also suggested a few programming tweaks to make the show more palatable to conservatives.

    “Why would conservatives feel so strongly that Sesame Street has to go?” asked a dumbfounded Stewart. “I’m kinda getting the sense there might be something else going on here.”

    “Sesame Street” most recently made the news after Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said during last week’s presidential debate that he would cut taxpayer funding for PBS.

    Romney’s stance prompted Stewart to show a montage of clips from Fox News, in which the on-air personalities accused “Sesame Street” of getting “more liberal” and “propagandizing children” with “lofty left” politics.

    To back up Fox’s claims, Stewart cut to a “shocking clip” of “Sesame Street” muppet Grover asking a young girl whether she would share her food.

    “So Fox News is upset that empty-headed puppets are trying to brainwash and indoctrinate Americans?” Stewart mocked.

    To make “Sesame Street” more palatable to conservatives, Stewart, alongside correspondents John Oliver and Wyatt Cenac, provided a few suggestions: change the show’s name to “Patriot Street,” introduce Mrs. Bert and Mrs. Ernie to “clear up those vicious rumors,” and put the notion of sharing into perspective.

    Eager to put the last suggestion into practice, Stewart and company ran the clip of Grover once again, but with a different voice over for the muppet.

    Upon hearing the little girl’s willingness to share her food, Grover points out her actions would “create a culture of dependency.”

    “You’re taking away the motivation to earn the food for themselves,” Grover told the little girl. “Did you not read that copy of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ I loaned you?”

    To see more of Stewart discussing “Sesame Street,” check out the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central: