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Who Is the Most Unreasonable Person in the Danny DeVito Cutout Debacle?

In a viral online post, a woman explains how a cutout of the actor led to the downfall of her relationship — and to her boyfriend's decision to quit his job

Morgan Lieberman

Who is the unreasonable one: a man in his 30s whose adoration for the actor Danny DeVito cost him his job or his girlfriend of six years who is considering breaking up with him over his obsession?

It’s a question that has plagued social media this week after a woman went viral on Twitter when she said she wanted to call it quits with her boyfriend because of his cardboard cutout of DeVito.

On Monday, the 31-year-old woman explained in a now-deleted Reddit page how the cutout enraged her boyfriend’s boss who asked him to remove it from the background during work-from-home meetings. Her 33-year-old boyfriend initially complied, but later refused, going as far as to "buy an oil painting" and a "couple more" cutouts of DeVito, according to the thread.

After the boss told him his career was effectively "dead" at the company, her boyfriend chose to leave his position of 12 years and find a new job — a decision that was made without consulting her and led her to question their entire relationship, the woman wrote.

Many people debated who among the boyfriend, the girlfriend and the boss was being the most unreasonable person in the situation. And while the jury is still out on the subject, ending a six-year relationship because of a DeVito cutout indicates that there is a much deeper, underlying problem, according to Nate Sawyer, a marriage and family therapist in Durham, North Carolina.

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