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People Are Goading Gordon Ramsay With Their TikTok Recipes

And let's just say he's taking the bait

Chef and TV host Gordon Ramsay during filming of an episode of his reality show "24 Hours to Hell and Back," Dec. 4, 2018.
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Before the onset of virtual everything, catching Gordon Ramsay's attention meant you had to be one of the many restaurants competing for a spot on his show, "Kitchen Nightmares." Well, not anymore.

If one good thing has come out of 2020, it's that any ol' Joe can post their own kitchen nightmare on TikTok and (if it's bad enough by Ramsay's standards) get his famously cruel feedback. In January, the TV host launched his own TikTok account. At first, it was innocent — videos of the family's newest addition, adorable dance routines with his daughter and the occasional cookery.

But a few months into the pandemic, Ramsay clearly began to hunger to revive his biting food critiques.


Acupuncture doesn’t belong on a #chicken !!! #fyp #ramsayreacts #Tiktokcooks #duet with @5.minute.recipes

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On July 31, he posted his first duet of a woman's "British" Fish and Chips on TikTok, where he reviewed her technique with a split screen playing both videos simultaneously. Since then, Ramsay's been on a roll — taking the bait anytime a rookie cook posts the hashtag #ramsayreacts. His own daughter even jumped in on the fun.

In a recipe bash posted on Sept. 30, the restauranteur nearly had a meltdown when one TikTok account holder, 5.minute.recipes, used a peculiar technique on their chicken. The first red flag was when the roast chicken cooking demo was categorized as a five-minute recipe.

After basting the chicken with some sauce (which Ramsay approved), the culinary miscreant proceeded to stick the meat with toothpicks. Seriously, the entire chicken.

"Wait? Cocktail sticks. Hold on then," the father of five said in distress. "Performing acupuncture on a chicken? You're supposed to cook it, not prick it! Oh my goodness, mate. No!"

The TikTok cook never explained the reason for the Frankenfood. Maybe it was just for some Halloween fun? Maybe it was to make slicing easier? To Ramsay, it didn't matter.

"That looks dry. You've turned the chicken into a hedgehog," Ramsay uttered in his final statement.

Takeout may be a better bet for this person moving forward. Sonic perhaps? (Get it, Sonic the Hedgehog?)

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