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Philly Police 'Arrest' Stormtroopers for Spoiling Plot



    Philly Police 'Arrest' Stormtroopers for Spoiling Plot
    Lt. Stephen Clark/Twitter
    Lt. Stephen Clark of the Philadelphia Police Department posted this photo on Twitter of Stormtroopers being "arrested" for spoiling the plot of the new "Star Wars" movie.

    The Philadelphia Police Department believes it has a solution to combat the issue of "Star Wars" spoilers being leaked online.

    Lt. Stephen Clark posted a picture on Twitter showing two "Stormtroopers" lined up against a police cruiser on South Street with the caption, "#StarWarsSpoilers resurgence by Imperial Forces in #StarWarsForceAwakens was thwarted by @PhillyPolice."

    The seventh installment in the wildly popular Sci-Fi series premiered Monday and hits theaters Friday. "The Force Awakens" is the first film in the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy.

    The Philadelphia Police Department also sent out a Tweet on Tuesday, saying the spoiler issue is a real problem and should be considered a crime.

    While the police department was playful in its Tweets, the fear of movie spoilers has become a big concern among "Star Wars" fans, even prompting a Google Chrome extension that warns Internet users of plot-revealing details.

    The photo was first shared by Lt. Clark in February. Clark told NBC10 the picture was not photo-shopped.