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Late at Night on NBC

WATCH: Seth Meyers, Lester Holt Try to Become Friends on "Late Night"



    Meyers, Holt Force a Friendship on "Late Night"

    Seth Meyers and Lester Holt try to become friends despite having vastly different personalities. (Published Friday, April 25, 2014)

    Seth Meyers revealed that he recently made an unsuccessful attempt to befriend Lester Holt.

    Meyers explained that NBC likes its employees to spend time with each other and the network paired him with the news anchor.

    "So we went out with a film crew and spent the day together," Meyers said. "So now lets see what happens when a late night talkshow host hangs out with a serious journalist in a piece we're calling 'Forced Friendship With Seth and Lester.'"

    First, the pair visited the set of Late Night, where Holt said, "I don't appreciate, jokes, goofs or spoofs. Friendship is about friendship and you can't respect a clown."

    The two also sat down for lunch and discussed projects they're working on. Holt described a piece he's composing about Afghan citizens risking their lives to vote, while Meyers talked about a not-so-serious segment with Kelly Ripa and a hot dog stand. Holt was not impressed.

    Will Meyers and Holt find common ground and become BFF? Watch the above video and find out!