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Demi Moore Uses Twitter to Help Prevent Suicide, Again

The actress continues to mobilize her 2M+ followers for good



    Demi Moore Uses Twitter to Help Prevent Suicide, Again
    Moore is putting her Twitter following to good use.

    Actresses Demi Moore and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" star Nia Vardalos may have helped to save a Florida teen's life with just a few Tweets.

    When Jeremy Lynch, a teen from Casselbrry, Fla., sent a series of Tweets early Friday morning announcing his intentions to kill himself, the two actresses sprung into action.

    Lynch first Tweeted, "I have messed up my life bad. I'm thinking about killing myself," followed by two messages sent directly to Moore.

    Within an hour Moore had responded, retweeting the teen and asking, "R U rlly asking 4 help?"

    Lynch replied, "yes."

    Vardalos jumped in, asking Lynch to call a suicide helpline. She Tweeted, "@jeremyllynch please call 1 800 SUICIDE. I'm on the phone with them right now. They are waiting to talk to you."

    After police arrived at the teen's Florida home, the mother told the deputy, that Lynch "was very emotional and diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder," according to The AP.

    A noticeably distraught Lynch admitted to sending the Tweet and told the officer that he "did not know what to do with himself without help," and was placed in protective custody, The AP reported. 

    This is not the first time Moore has used her massive Twitter following for good. Last April, Moore saw a similar Tweet and responded with "Hope you are joking." Moore managed to mobilize the Twittersphere and soon after, authorities were able to locate the apparently suicidal woman and bring her in for evaluation.

    The response from Twitter early Friday morning was very similar -- more than 12 hours after Lynch asked for help, the Twittersphere is still sending the teen messages of support.

    "@jeremyllynch people care, I don't even know you and I care," one Twitter user posted. "I only just stumbled upon your tweet via Demi, but death is not the answer."