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"Body Snatchers" Star McCarthy Dead at 96

Veteran actor was known best for 1950s sci-fi classic



    "Body Snatchers" Star McCarthy Dead at 96

    Kevin McCarthy, who starred in the science-fiction movie classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," has died at age 96.

    McCarthy died Saturday, said Cape Cod Hospital spokesman Dave Riley. He did not reveal the cause of death.

    In the classic 1950s film, McCarthy played a doctor trying to save his townfrom evil aliens who were stealing people's personalities. His frantic shouting of "You're next!" to motorists was perhaps his most famous scene.


    McCarthy's other films included "A Gathering of Eagles," "The Best Man," "Mirage," "Hotel," "The Howling," "Twilight Zone- The Movie," "Inner Space," "Dark Tower," "Just Cause," "The Distinguished Gentleman" and "Steal Big, Steal Little."

    He also appeared in one other classic film, although in a much smaller role. He was Marilyn Monroe's estranged husband in her last movie, 1961's "The Misfits."

    In 1978, he began touring in the one-man show "Give 'em Hell, Harry," playing the Harry Truman role created by James Whitmore. Over the years he appeared as Truman in 350 venues.

    McCarthy was born in Seattle on Feb. 15, 1914. He, his sister, author Mary McCarthy, and their two brothers were orphaned when their parents died in the 1918 influenza epidemic, and they were raised by relatives.

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