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Um No: Lady Gaga



    Um No: Lady Gaga
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    Just when we were thinking the wild fashion set had fled abroad of late, here comes Lady Gaga in an outfit that seems to made entirely of the ruffled trimming off a grandmother's bedskirts, topped off with Alexander Wang sunglasses, which -- we should point out -- aren't even available to buy yet.

    Apparently, Gaga got all dolled up to promote her new "heartbeats" headphones, in partnership with none other than Dr. Dre (a rather odd couple, indeed). Frankly, we're not sure whether to be jealous of the shades or straight-up horrified of the outfit. At least she had the foresight to complete the old lady lace vibe with a pair of granny-worthy underroos. Then again, this is all Gaga being Gaga.