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Um, No: Daytime Emmys Edition: Wendy Williams



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    We feel a little bad harping on Ms. Williams' choices here because she actually has been doing quite well, fashion-wise. And this isn't THAT bad. Except that, well, it is.

    Granted, it's the Daytime Emmys, which is pretty well-known for over-the-top fashion. And Wendy didn't bring a dead cat on the red carpet as a handbag (which did happen), nor did she wear biker shorts under an exceptionally short dress (also happened). But she did choose a rather showy and unfortunate seafoam green color (the kind of hue that bad bridesmaid dress legends are made of), and also chose a dress with the kind of ruching that makes flat-chested women look fuller. Let's just say we're not sure, Wendy, that you really need to look more well endowed than you already are.

    Finally, it looks rather like Ms. Williams can't breathe in this dress, which always makes us feel a little anxious.