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Thom Browne: Spring 2010



    Nobody can do gentlemen's whimsy quite like Thom Browne, and with a madcap street-to-runway party at the Tribeca store today, he presents his Spring 2010 collection in like fashion.

    Editors and passersby on Hudson Street alike were treated to a procession of big-game fish prints, Darth Vader-esque sunglasses-slash-helmets, polka dots, sequins and of course, ankles on otherwise classically tailored pieces (that is, after Thom Browne himself ran up and down the sidewalk putting finishing touches on models) . 

    Bigwigs hobknobbed and snapped street pics in the lighthearted atmosphere, including Barneys' Simon Doonan, Hamish Bowles and the Sartorialist Schott Schuman with his lady, Garance Dore.  When it was all done and the audience had sung along to the Beatles' Yellow Submarine in their heads (or not, but not that we heard), models alighted a big yellow schoolbus.

    Let's just say, men's fashion's flamboyant piper produced yet again, putting a little fun back into the classic dapper-dressed man.