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We're Loving: Sara Boregard Jewelry



    It's not too often that we come across "statement jewelry" that makes a statement other than being huge and brightly-colored. But Swedish artist Sara Boregard works with pieces of scrap wood, industrial metals, paints, and odd reclaimed materials to create jewelry that looks like it was salvaged from a construction site.

    In her artist bio, Boregard makes the point that "jewelry can be decorative...but it is never only decoration. It also tells a story." If that's the case, then the story of Boregard's work is of reconciling urban environments with the natural word: "Almost everything in the urban environment that surrounds me is constructed, arranged," she writes. Her jewelry—often alien-looking hunks of metal spray-painted different colors and bound with delicate embroidery thread—represent Boregard's attempt to "construct" and "arrange" her personal environment.

    But beyond her artistic intentions, Boregard's jewelry is among the most striking we've seen this year: bold and heavy, yet proportionate and wearable (the kind of jewerly you could wear once a year or every single day).

    Check out the complete current collection at Ornamentum Gallery.