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Love It or Hate It: Margiela's Enormous Fur Hood



    There's been a pretty significant influx of fur accessories this season, from fur-trimmed gloves and hats to shearling-topped shoes and scarves. We thought we'd seen it all when Joe Zee stepped out in a fur coat mid-summer, but it turns out there were new levels of fashion fuzziness we hadn't anticipated.

    Leave it to Maison Martin Margiela to put a totally unique spin on the furry accessory trend. Their enormous fur "head dress" for $4450 is constructed from 100% Murmansky fur, a creature we'd never previously heard of, but which Google reveals to be a kind of "raccoon dog." The elasticized hood can be perched atop the head (based on the photo, we estimate it stands at least a foot high), or the whole piece can be wrapped around the shoulders as a shrug.

    There's something a little "Planet of Endor" about the piece—we could definitely imagine it on some sort of inter-galactic warrior princess—but the weird combination of futuristic and primitive design is what makes it so hard to stop staring at. Margiela is matchless when it comes to subverting consumers' expectations to create something at once familiar and totally new. When it shows up in a Lady Gaga music video—as it inevitably will—we may just nod our approval, if not actually sing along.

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