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Tragically Hip: Stego-Style Spine Jewelry



    Let us first preface this post by saying that while we're not a mean bunch of fashion writers, there are some occasions when we feel the need to call out certain "moments" in fashion that seem a little, well, ridiculous. This is one of those moments.

    Refinery29's post last week on stegosaurus-inspired backplate jewelry definitely left us scratching our heads. We're not knocking the designer of this particular gold-colored plastic polymer accessory (which currently sells for $1,009 on etsy by conquerjewellry) as much as we're merely expressing our confusion.

    Tape one of those puppies to your spine and it's a night of sitting on backless chairs and literally watching your back. Fierce, for sure. But if you're in the market for something a little more sensible, perhaps your best bet would be wearing your Toronto Raptors jersey or a T-Rex tee.

    If there really is a "dino renaissance" going on, then we shouldn't be in this business as we clearly missed the trend the first time around.