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Tomorrow! Barneys Warehouse Sale



    Tomorrow kicks off the bi-annual Barneys Warehouse Sale, a massive and frenzied shopping event for which the proper preparation makes all the difference.

    Having weathered the storm and come out with some of our wardrobe's shining stars over the years, we thought we'd share some tips for making the most of what can be a chaotic, but fruitful experience.

    Employ the Buddy System

    If you're planning to hit the sale at its 8am opening time tomorrow, plan to arrive an hour or so in advance, but regardless of when you hit the sale that day (or even subsequent days), you'll most likely be waiting in line before getting indoors. Having a partner in crime allows for crack-of-dawn coffee runs, place-saving, not to mention someone to chat with. You'll see and hear a lot of funny stuff going on in line while you wait (we'll be tweeting some of the gems), and it's always so much more amusing with a buddy. Come together, make your plan, and divide and conquer.

    Make a Game Plan

    A warehouse stocked with heavily discounted designer goods and being stormed by New York's most rabid shoppers is not the place for casual, aimless browsing. To endure the mayhem, you've got to have a plan. We usually head directly for the shoes in our size and calmly assess. Whatever your bread and butter is, get it out of the way before you do anything else.

    Plan Your Outfit

    Public stripping happens on the largest scale at the BWS. Since smart shoppers always try on, it's important to have the right foundational garments for rapid-fire changing—anywhere. Luckily it's summer, so this should be a breeze. Try a pair of hotpants and a camisole under an easy-to-remove sundress, and if you can swing little sandals that slip off or fit through pant legs (and not kill your feet waiting in line), even better.

    Don't Get Crazy

    There are going to be hordes of pushy people and a limited number of deals--this is New York City, people, you should be used to it. Being rude, grabby, impatient, sneaky, ruthless or crazy will not accomplish anything. Do not steal from others' piles. Do not pull garments from others' hands. Do not make a mess. Do not hog the mirror. Do not leave your toddler to fend for herself on the floor. Take a deep breath and be firm, but please, remain calm.

    Patience Extends Past Just Being Polite

    Patience will get you through the first day on the ground, but patience throughout the course of the week will help you maximize your bargain-hunting capabilities. What's plentiful on the first day typically gets marked down throughout the week, and there's always the chance of an 11th-hour find to make the whole thing worth it.

    Check back on the Thread for tales and Tweets from the front lines, as well as updates on merchandise and discounts throughout the week. And of course, no one covers a pinnacle sample sale like Racked. On your marks, get set, go!