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Purse Purge: BRVTVS Designer Stashes Freeze Dried Cheddar, Home-Made Tattoo Salve



    Based on her collection of eminently chic, delicate baubles, BRVTVS, we knew NYC designer Caroline Ventura would have some nifty gear stashed in her handbag (a vintage leather Coach number scored at the Pasadna Rose Bowl flea market).

    The designer didn't disappoint: between Garbage Pail Kids souvenirs and a bag of "freeze dried cheddar," Ventura is prepared for just about anything the day throws at her.

    1. Louis Vuitton Wallet. "I was never really one for a big fancy wallet, until my husband gave this to me for one of our anniversaries. It's my first 'big girl' wallet, and it has enough little slots in it to cram credit cards, receipts, sticks of gum, whatever I want. And the fact that it's called a 'French purse' is pretty cute."

    2. Moscot Lemtosh Sunglasses. "I've worn these frames for over five years now. I have them in a bunch of different colors, but this honey tortoise is my favorite. The lenses are a sort of greenish tint that I really love."

    3. Garbage Pail Kids Card. "Remember these?! A little joke from a friend that reminds me to not take myself too seriously.  Also, please don't call me Carol, I hate it."

    4. Bag of Gold. "Burglars look away: I always have some type of gold in my bag. This time around it was some chain and wire that I picked up in the Diamond District uptown. The chain is going to be made into a little earring and the wire will eventually become some rings."

    5. Dog Treats. "For my puppy, Darryl. What? You don't carry around freeze dried cheddar in your purse?"

    6. Passport. "Just in case I decide to get the hell out of Dodge on a whim."

    7. Tattoo Salve. "This stuff is amazing. It's made by my friend Fanny, who is married to Alex from Three Kings in Brooklyn.  It smells amazing. Originally, it was used to help heal a tattoo that I got on my finger, but now I use it year round on my cuticles, dry spots, chapped lips… it's incredibly soothing, really multi-functional, and it's totally all natural with no junk in it."

    8. Homeoplasmine.
    "This stuff is a lifesaver in the winter. I wash my hands a lot when I'm working and they get really dried out. I love this because it absorbs really well and doesn't leave me greasy feeling."

    9. Rennes Leather Pouch. "I love everything my friend Julia—who designs the line Rennes—makes.  I have a bunch of her leather pouches and store various treasures in 'em. This one is the perfect size to stash extra business cards."