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Madonna and Lola Give Taylor Momsen a Makeover



    As the days count down to Madonna and daughter Lola's August 3 launch of Material Girl, the designing duo is pulling out all the stops. We've seen the preview collection. We've read the blog. We've seen the teaser videos hinting at the spokesmodel. We've seen the videos revealing the spokesmodel—Taylor Momsen. Now comes the release of a video from a Material Girl fashion shoot (via People), complete with Madge and Lola playing stylists.

    While it is interesting to actually witness the threesome interacting, even though it's clearly a promotional effort, it's especially refreshing to see Taylor Momsen looking, well, a little more like her old self (we're not big fans of the money-filled hooker shoes, and all-out lingerie looks she's been rocking of late).

    But as Madonna comments on the inspiration behind the collection, saying, "I really like the way Lola dresses and I think this line is absolutely an extension of her taste," you can't help but wonder: if Lola is the ideal embodiment of Material Girl, then why isn't she the spokesmodel?