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Know Right Now: Emma Jorn



    Unlike must-have coats and flashy winter gear, rainwear tends to be an overlooked fashion opportunity.  When skies go dark, urbanites tend to bust out the ol' trench and $2 deli umbrella. But thanks to Danish rainwear designer, Emma Jorn, the damp and drizzle just got a whole lot more stylish.

    What began with a bright yellow "rain dress" -- complete with pouf sleeves and bow -- has matured into a complete range of funky-yet-practical waterproof garb. In addition to her cute patterned coats, Jorns's collection now includes see-through jumpsuits, bubble skirts, button-down tops, and charming cropped jackets.  There's even a "buddy" coat: a tent-like yellow parka with head-holes and visors for three. Chic cyclists are sure to love the bike basket and hand covers, which protect handlebars and cargo with a nifty clear plastic shield. With so many fun options to choose from, we're actually looking forward to April showers this season!

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