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J-Woww Unveils New Fashion Line, Filthy Couture



    Jersey Shore's resident fashionista J-Woww's new fashion line includes the essentials you'd expect: skimpy silhouettes and padded bosoms. What's more, she hints in a new video that she might even open her own store.

    In an enlightening video posted on MTV, we learned about the genesis of Filthy Couture from shredded club gear for nights out in the Jersey Shore to skimpy swimwear and push-up, padded dresses that JWoww suggests one might wear to "a wedding."  The wares center on dresses with plunging necklines and helpful corresponding padded cups, as well as lingerie-inspired swimwear that, honestly, looks mostly like skimpy lingerie. On the edgier side, one can opt for a bathing suit with chains, which, hopefully, doesn't sink the wearer.

    Most interestingly, J-Woww admits her line isn't for everyone, and for that reason, she doesn't really want to market the line to stores across the country. "I don't want to sell to the masses," J-Woww explains. "I just want to sell to people that just like my stuff ... I want people to, like, directly go to my website, or soon enough go to my store, and be like, I'm coming in to buy her stuff." 

    Oh honey. That's what every designer wants. Watch for yourself: 

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