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Italian Lingerie Brand Intimissimi Recycles Its Bras



    Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi has introduced a six-week initiative that encourages women to trade in their old bras so that they may be recycled as construction insulation and soundproof panels.

    The New York Times reports the program, which offers women 4 Euro (about $3) off a new bra when they bring in an old one, has done well. Company executives point out the difficulty in recycling undergarments like bras, as they're composed of several different materials, mostly synthetic.

    Odd, yes, but when it comes to minimizing waste, it's little steps like this that can only help--and all the better that they're quirky enough to get people talking about the topic. Bras, in particular, tend to lurk for a long time at the bottom of women's lingerie drawers, so the intiative can help wardrobe updates as well.