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Express Stages a Fashion Show on Broadway



    The wind was really working for the models at yesterday's Express Fashion Show, a public runway event showcasing the brand's Spring/Summer 2011 collections. While the rest of us literally tried to hold on to our hats, models tossed their wavy manes and swooshed their skirts like they were in their own private wind tunnel—which was fortunate, considering photos from the event will also serve as the brand's spring campaign.

    As for the clothes, we can tell you with confidence that it's unlikely any other fast-fashion retailer will have so many varieties of the LBD next season: single shoulder, lacy, frilly, or velvet, there was something for everyone (provided "everyone" likes things very, very short). Highlights from the collection included a nautical-themed interlude, which featured a white stripey cardigan and a boardwalk-ready polka dot top with high-waisted silk shorts in navy.

    But the best thing about the show (apart from it starting exactly on time) was definitely the crowd: passerby who stopped to watch cheered, whistled, and applauded the models on the runway.  It felt a little bit like fashion as a sporting event, where every windswept hemline earned enthusiastic whoops and hollers. But aside from hosting an all-around good time, Express really gave its audience a reason to go back into their stores. We'll certainly be stopping by to check out those polka dots.